How Old is Liver King? What is Liver King Age In 2023?

How Old Is Liver King in 2023: Explore Liver King’s age, his fascinating journey, and the intriguing questions surrounding his remarkable age-defying lifestyle.


Liver King has been attracting attention across the web for his extreme lifestyle and health practices. Fans and curious observers are enthralled by his unconventional approach to health. We’ll also explore some interesting questions regarding his age-defying way of living.

How Old is Liver King?

In 2023, Liver King turns 45. Liver King was born April 7, 1977, under the sign of Aries in San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. He has White ancestry and is an American citizen.

Brian Johnson’s mother raised him after his father died when he was a small child in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. He was never introduced to his father. Many people think he’s a tough guy. He was not a rough-and-tumble kid. On the other hand, he was a little, soft boy. 

How Old Is Liver King

Liver King Real Name:

Brian Johnson is the real name of Liver King. His nickname, Liver King, comes from his love of eating pig’s liver. Pig liver is a highly nutritious food. While he is active on social media, his personal life remains largely a mystery.

His wife is called the “Liver Queen,” and his sons are the “Savage Liver Boys.” They all sell and promote protein powders and other supplements that promise to make you as ripped as Liver King. Liver King ties these products to his “Ancestral lifestyle,” which he advocates.

How Did Liver King Appear When He Was Younger?

In November 2021, The Liver King shared a throwback photo of himself as an adolescent. The liver-eating man has a beautiful physique but a lot fewer muscles than now.

The picture shows him with clean, short hair. He says the picture was taken when he was 15 before he “legally drove” in America. Live King wrote: “Throwback, young Liver King! This photo was taken before I had my license.” Does Liver King consume raw meat every day? 

The Liver King keeps his body in shape by eating a diet consisting of egg yolks, bone marrow, and protein shakes. He recommends that others begin with three ounces of glycerin twice a week.

He lives a minimalist lifestyle and sleeps on a wooden pallet bed. Liver King says he does not allow mobile phones in his bedroom and has installed Faraday drapes on the windows to stop radio waves from passing.

How Old Is Liver King

Liver King Now:

Liver King, his wife, and two Dobermans live in an 8,300-square-foot mansion in Austin, Texas. His supplement brands, of which Ancestral Supplements was the most famous, have contributed to his wealth. Liver King’s website says these supplements are for people who want to support themselves naturally.




The Meat of the Matter:

The precepts of the Liver King can be reduced to simple words, such as sun, sleep and eat, move and shield, connect, sun and fight, and sun and eat. A primitive-looking sigil represents each precept.

It is as if the King of Liver had gone to Lascaux looking for a graphic designer. He says repeatedly that our ancestors lived long and were healthy, but he doesn’t give a period.

We can learn much from our ancestors to lead a healthy lifestyle. The body of ancient hunters, who lived 70 years or longer, have continued evolving. Genetic mutations acquired by these animals help us adapt to changes in diet. 

Starches and cow’s milk are included in The Liver King, which promotes the Paleo diet, a low carbohydrate diet based on Dr. Robert Atkins’s hunter-gatherer concept.

The diet is based on the false assumption that our ancestors ate the same foods. It is becoming increasingly evident that red meat consumption can cause cancer.


A Liver King Diet without fruits and vegetables can cause micronutrients or phytochemical deficiencies. Dietitians rate the Paleolithic as the worst diet. The Mediterranean Diet, which is more diverse, is always ranked as the best. The Paleo Diet is not sustainable or affordable. 

Meat is expensive. If you think eating Meat is the only way to obtain Brian Johnson’s physique, there are two things to consider. Liver King’s philosophy is more than just Paleo.

He thinks eating an animal organ will strengthen the organ it matches. Need to improve brain power? Eat cow brains! This statement is not true. The cells of the intestine are broken down into their constituent parts.

Pancreas essence cannot rejuvenate the pancreas. You’ll need to consume more raw food if you eat these organs. The Liver King is seen eating raw liver as he prepares steaks. Raw Meat may contain bacteria and parasites that can cause illness. 

Liver King Social Media Accounts:

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The age of the Liver King may give us a glimpse into his life, but age does not define anyone. It’s natural to be curious about his age, but it is equally important to view his lifestyle and teachings from a critical standpoint.

Consult with health professionals, and consider your unique goals and needs. The questions surrounding his seemingly ageless lifestyle allow one to explore the larger conversation about health and aging in modern society.

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