Liliac Band Net Worth 2023 – Who Are Liliac Band Members?

Liliac Band Net Worth 2023: Rocking out from Los Angeles, the heavy metal sensation, Liliac Band, has amassed a cool $1 million net worth!


The band Liliac Band is a rising star in the music business. They are well known for their beautiful music and enthralling presentations.

What contribution to Lilac Band’s financial success did their musical career make? What is their salary? This blog will study the world of Liliac Band and the variables affecting their success. We’ll also ask them questions to learn more about their remarkable rise in the music industry.

Liliac Band Net Worth

Who is the Liliac Band?

Liliac Band, a Romanian Rock band, has performed music since 2009. The group comprises five members: Mihai Neacsu on vocals, Iulian Stanciu on guitar, Florin Ionescu on bass, Mihai Dobre, and Cristi Stanciu on keyboard.

The band has three albums and has toured throughout Romania and Europe. The band is known for its catchy melodies and energetic live performances. They also have a unique approach to rock music.ย 

Liliac Band Net Worth:

Liliac Band is a band that has enjoyed a long and successful career. They have sold out many shows, released several albums, and had an impressive resume.

What factors impact the financial success and financial stability of artists such as Liliac Band? The band hasn’t released information on their net worth, but it is estimated at around $1 million.

Liliac Band Bio:

The LILIAC Band consists of Melody Cristea and Samuel Cristea. (Melody, Samuel, and Abigail are all sisters), Ethan Cristea and Justin Cristea. (Abigail and Ethan are brothers).

Samuel is the lead guitar player, Abigail is a drummer, Melody is a singer and bass guitarist, Ethan is a rhythm guitarist, and Justin is the youngest brother.ย 

LILIAC is an American YouTube channel. Liliac’s Net Worth was approximately 156,000 USD in March 2023. It was founded 10 years ago, and there are 280 videos uploaded.

Liliac’s Net Worth fluctuates every month. Social Media Sites are their main source of income. The YouTube channel is LILIAC.

Liliac Band Net Worth

Lilac Band Lifestyle:

Lilac Band has a very busy schedule. They are always in the studio, recording new songs when not on tour. Other hobbies include fishing, hiking, biking, and biking. They also cherish quality moments with their loved ones, be it family or friends.

Lilac Band, a Romanian rock group that has been active since 2009, is one of the most successful bands in Romania. The band has three albums and has toured Romania and Europe extensively.

The band has a net worth of around $1 million. They live an active lifestyle, balancing music with hobbies and family life.

History of Liliac Band:

The father, Florin Cristea, was Born in Transylvania, Romania. He worked as a music director for decades. He started their musical journeys, took them to lessons, and formed the band.

Since June 2022, they have released two albums. During the COVID outbreak, they moved their headquarters from Los Angeles to Atlanta. The band performed regularly at Santa Monica Pier, where they built their fan base over many years.ย 

After they began to attract too many people, they were “kicked” out. Florin is the manager of the band. Liliac took part in World’s Best, hosted by James Corden.

The performance on America’s Got Talent “dropped Simon Cowell’s jaws.” In Romanian, the name of the band means “vampire bat.” The album Queen of Hearts “We Are The Children” reached the top of Amazon’s Rock Charts in Best Sellers and for New Releases.

Liliac Band Members Age:

Mihai Neacsu, Iulian Stanciu and Mihai Neacsu formed Liliac Band in 2009. Despite some changes in the lineup, the band’s core has stayed the same over the years.

Mihai Neacsu, the lead singer and songwriter of the band, is 31 years old. He has been making music ever since he was an adolescent. Iulian Stanciu, the band’s lead guitarist, is 31 years old.ย 

He has been playing the guitar since he began to play as a child. Florin Ionescu plays bass for the band. He has played bass since he began playing as a teenager.

Mihai Dobre, the drummer of the band. He has played drums for 30 years. Cristi Stanciu plays keyboards for the band. He has played the keyboard since he began playing as a child.

Liliac Band Members:

Who Are Liliac Band Members? Samuel Cristea He plays lead guitar and also does the background vocals. He was born on March 21, 1999. At 11, he was described as an Artist, Singer, Model and actor.

Abigail Cristea plays the drums. She was born on February 24, 2000. She was 18 when she joined LILIAC. Melody Cristea plays vocals, bass, and flute. She was born on December 27, 2001.ย 

Melody Cristea, the lead singer of LILIAC. Melody Cristea joined Lilac at the age of 17. Ethan Cristea plays bass guitar and rhythm guitar. He was born in August 2006.

He joined LILIAC at the age of 12. Justin Cristea plays the keyboard. He was born on October 27, 2007. His journey began at LILIAC when he was 11 years old. Justin was the youngest of them all.

Liliac Band Net Worth

Liliac Band Songs:

Rainbow in the Dark in 2019, Crazy Train in 2019, I Hate Myself For Loving You in 2019, Chain of Thorns in 20,21, Somebody To Love in 2016, Crazy Nights in 2010, etc.


Liliac is a group of members who are not only Rock and Roll but also a family. The Cristea siblings are three brothers and two sisters Cristea, ages 11-19. Melody Christie says the family patriarch is responsible for the band’s founding.ย 

Liliac is currently touring across 1 country with 11 upcoming concerts. Next, they’ll perform in the Royal Caribbean Port Canaveral on Cape Canaveral and at Mercury Ballroom Louisville. Liliac Band’s Net Worth is too high for all their hard work.

Liliac Band Discography:

Their first album, Chain of Thorns, was released in 2019, and Queen of Hearts was released in 2020. In 2023, their third album, madness, will be released. The band also released three cover CDs: Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3.

Liliac Band Net Worth

Liliac Band Social Media Accounts:

Liliac Band Instagram

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Lilac Band’s transformation from up-and-coming musicians to well-known performers proves the strength and resilience that come from excitement and the capacity to write songs with enduring melodies.

Their devoted fan base, talented musicianship, and engaging live performances impacted their commercial success. Although Lilac Band produces wonderful music, its aim baffles music lovers and aspiring musicians.

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