Melissa Rivers Net Worth 2023 – Age, Wife & Son

Melissa Rivers Net Worth 2023: An American actress and television host, Melissa Rivers, has a net worth of $100 million.


Some celebrities in the entertainment sector have an enduring effect. Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa Rivers is undoubtedly one of these famous people. With her charisma, wit, and sense of style, Melissa Rivers has established herself in the entertainment industry.

Melissa Rivers net worth has been a long-running mystery behind the glitz, glamor, and splendor. We’re taking you on a fascinating journey to discover the lifestyle and financial situation of a woman who skillfully juggles sophistication with humor.


📌 Real Name Melissa Warburg Rosenberg
🩸 Date Of Birth January 20, 1968
💥 Age 55 Years
🚨 Birth Place Manhattan, New York
🔴 Country United States
🔺 Profession Actor
🧨 living Manhattan, New York
🚩 Horoscope Aquarius

Who is Melissa Rivers?

American female entertainer Melissa Rivers is a mother and a wife. She plays a range of positions on television, some of which have even garnered honors, such as presenter, actress, or producer. She is the 55-year-old sole child of late famed comic Edgar Rosenberg and Joan Rivers.

Writing and producing “The Joan Rivers Show,” a chat show hosted by her mother, Melissa started her profession as a child. Her talk program helped her land more lucrative opportunities and earned her an Emmy.

When Melissa Rivers became the producer and co-host of Fashion Police, a well-liked E! She and her mother co-hosted a Network program. Because of Melissa’s humor and their mother-daughter dynamic, the show became well-known.

Numerous novels by Melissa Rivers have been released. Her contributions to the success and fortune of other films like “Joy” and “The Celebrity Apprentice” Her charitable work for organizations like the American Heart Association is one of her different notable positions.

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers Early Life:

She is the only child of Edgar Rosenberg and Joan Rivers, two stars who have long dominated US television. Melissa grew up in a show business family and was exposed to the business at a very young age.

She went to the Marlborough School after the John Thomas Dye School. She attended Buckley School after they relocated to Los Angeles.

1989 Melissa graduated with a history degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She was in her second year of college when her father tragically committed suicide.

After graduating from college, Melissa Rivers started her career as a writer and producer for the talk show hosted by her mother for which she won an Emmy. Her stage name became “Rivers,” her mother’s maiden surname.

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers Net Worth:

By 2023, Melissa Rivers will have a $100 million net worth. According to recent interviews, she would only be as affluent with her perseverance and commitment to improving herself. She was an actress and TV host who excelled in the entertainment industry.

At the end of October 2014, Melissa also received her inheritance. She would get an estate of at least $100 million. A $75 million cash payout and an additional $35 million for Joan Rivers’ New York property were included in the inheritance.

📌 Net Worth $100 Million
🩸 Net Worth in 2022 $90 Million
💥 Net Worth in 2021 $80 Million
🚨 Net Worth in 2020 $70 Million
🔴 Salary $10 Million Per Year
🔺 Source Of income Actor
🧨 House Manhattan, New York
🚩 Cars Under Review

Melissa Rivers Husband:

Who Is Melissa River Husband? In December 1988, Melissa Endicott wed John Endicott, a horse trainer. About $3 million was spent on the wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. In 2000, Edgar Cooper Endicott was born. In 2003, the couple got divorced.

From 2008 through 2011, Melissa and Jason Zimmerman were partners in a committed relationship. Following a standard procedure, Joan Rivers passed away in 2014.

Melissa sued Yorkville Endoscopy and the doctors at the facility in New York for misconduct. They two reached a secret agreement in 2016.

📌 Father Edgar Rosenberg
🩸 Mother Joan Rivers
💥 Boyfriend John Endicott
🚨 Husband John Endicott
🔴 Siblings Under Review
🔺 Spouse John Endicott
🧨 Children/Kids 1 Kid
🚩 Martial Status Married

Melissa Rivers Family & Parents:

Her father is Edgar Rosenberg, and her mother is Joan Rivers. While Melissa Rosenberg was enrolled in her second year of high school, her father, Edgar, committed suicide. In 1990, Melissa Rivers took the name Rosenburg in place of it.

After her mother passed away, Rivers filed a lawsuit for medical malpractice against the clinic and the doctors who treated her. After her mother’s passing, Rivers brought the case. On January 26, 2015, the incident took place. According to Rivers, the procedure finally resulted in her mother’s death.

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers Real Estate:

In 1998, Melissa spent $2.35m on a house. After putting the house on the market for over a year, in July 2019, she decided to sell it. The cost was $ 5.223 million. The penthouse was sold in July 2015 for $28 million.

Melissa purchased a house in Santa Monica, California, for $11,000,000. In March 2021, she received $15.5 million for the sale. After selling her Santa Monica house, Melissa searched for real estate worth $7,8 million in Pacific Palisades for several weeks.

Melissa Rivers Height & Weight:

What is Melissa River Height & Weight? Melissa Rivers is one of the rare celebrities who can equal her looks on the red carpet and in front of the camera. She is 165 cm tall and weighs 128 pounds (58 kg).

Melissa is a disciplined exerciser and dieter who prioritizes her health. Melissa’s commitment to fitness is an example for the millions of her followers who struggle with weight. 

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers Age:

On January 20, 1968, Melissa Rivers was born in New York City. Melissa will be 55 years old in 2023. Melissa may be in her fifties but still has a fresh, young appearance. Her admirers frequently remark on how young and stunning she appears. 

📌 Age 55 Years
🩸 Height 5 Feet 9 inches
💥 Weight 68 kg
🚨 Body Measurement Under Review
🔴 Eye Color Under Review
🔺 Hair Color Under Review
🧨 Shoes Size Under Review

Melissa Rivers Son:

Who Is Melissa River Son? The son of Melissa Rivers is Edgar Cooper Endicott, also referred to as Cooper.

He is the sole child of John Endicott, Melissa Endicott’s ex-husband. Cooper plays lacrosse and majors in media studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Along with his mother, he has made various TV appearances. Cooper was given a chunk of her wealth in his grandmother Joan Rivers’ will.

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers Movies & Tv Shows:

Melissa Rivers is primarily known for her work in television and as a television host and personality. While she has made occasional appearances in movies and TV shows, her prominent work has been in the realm of entertainment reporting and hosting. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some of her notable television appearances and projects:


  • “The Last Boy Scout” (1991) – Melissa Rivers had a small role in this action-comedy film.

Television Shows:

  • Fashion Police (2010-2017) – Melissa Rivers was a co-host and producer of this E! network show, where fashion trends and celebrity styles were critiqued.
  • Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? (2011-2014) – A reality TV series that followed Melissa and her mother, Joan Rivers, in their daily lives.
  • Celebrity Apprentice (2015) – Melissa Rivers appeared as a contestant on this reality competition series.
  • The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (2005) – Melissa Rivers also appeared on this reality competition series.

Melissa Rivers Social Media Accounts:

Melissa Rivers Instagram

Melissa Rivers Wikipedia

Melissa Rivers YouTube

Melissa Rivers LinkedIn

The Frequently Asked Question:

Who is Melissa Rivers?

Melissa Rivers is an American television host, producer, and actress. She is best known for her work in the entertainment industry, including hosting and producing shows like “Fashion Police” and appearing in various television programs and films.

Is Melissa Rivers Still Married?

Melissa Rivers was divorced from her husband John Endicott in 2003.

How old is Melissa Rivers?

Melissa Rivers was born on January 20, 1968, which makes her 55 years old as of August 23, 2023.

What does Melissa Rivers Son Do?

Melissa Rivers’ son, Cooper Endicott, was pursuing a career in entertainment, including working as a producer and actor.

How did Melissa Rivers Get Rich?

Melissa Rivers accumulated wealth primarily through her career in television, including hosting, producing, and appearing in various shows, as well as her involvement in entertainment-related ventures and businesses.

Does Melissa Rivers Have Kids?

Yes, Melissa Rivers has one son named Cooper Endicott, born in 2000.

Who is Melissa Pregnant By?

Melissa Rivers had a son named Cooper Endicott. She is a Wife of John Endicott.

Where is Melissa Rivers New House?

Melissa Rivers owned a home in Santa Monica, California.


Our analysis of Melissa Rivers wealth is complete. She is not merely the famous comedian’s daughter. Melissa Rivers’ impact on the entertainment business is immeasurable.

Though her actual riches may never be known, her contribution to entertainment and legacy of laughter is priceless. 

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