Glenn Gorden Net Worth 2024 – How He Become So Rich?

Glenn Gorden Net Worth 2024: An American writer, director, and producer, Glenn Gordon, has a net worth of $2 Million.


Glenn Gorden is an American entrepreneur born in Arizona on March 6, 1951. Glenn Gorden is Glenn’s real name. Glenn Gorden is known for his catchy performances that are loved by his loyal fan base.

Interviews estimate his net worth at 4 million without any business or investment in 2024. Explore the information below to get a full profile of Glenn Gorden and keep up with his journey.

Who is Glenn Gorden?

Glenn Gorden, an American citizen, is a well-known figure. He is best known for having been the ex-husband of actress Jacklyn Zeman. His ex-wife is famous or popular because of her role on ABC’s daytime soap opera General Hospital as Bobbie Spencer.ย 

Glenn Gorden was a director and ex-husband to Jacklyn Zeman. She worked at General Hospital for more than 40 years. Glenn Gorden’s relationship with Jacklyn Zeman is well-known. They married on Valentine’s Day in 1988 and had two daughters before breaking up in 2007.

Glenn Gorden Net WorthGlenn Gorden Early Life:

Glenn Gorden is an entrepreneur who was married for 19 years to Jacklyn Zรฉman before they divorced in 2007. The couple had two daughters. Glenn owns Gorden Enterprises and has interests in entertainment and real estate.

He is also a philanthropist, supporting causes such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society. After their divorce, they were able to co-parent with ease.

Glenn Gorden Wife:

Jacklyn Zeman was born to a Jewish family in Englewood (New Jersey). Rita Zeman Rohlman, a magazine supervisor (mother), and Richard S. Zeman, a systems engineer (father), are her parents.

Zeman was born in Bergenfield and graduated from Bergenfield High School at 15. She then studied dance at New York University on a scholarship. She was a Playboy Bunny in the Playboy Club in 1972.ย 

Jacklyn Zeman played Lana McClain in the ABC soap opera One Life to Live from 1976 to 1977. She had a few small roles before that. This role she played regularly until 2010. In 2012, it was reported that Glenn Gorden’s ex-wife, Jacklyn Zeman, owned a home in Malibu, California.

She died in 2023 at 70 years old. Jacklyn Zรฉman was Glenn Gorden’s wife from 1988 until 2007. Glenn Gorden had two daughters with his ex-wife: Lacey Rose Gorden, born July 15, 1992, and Cassidy Zee Gorden, born September 16, 1990.

Glenn Gorden Net Worth:

How much is Glenn Gorden worth? Glenn Gorden’s net worth is around $2 million. Her primary job as a domestic worker was his main source of revenue. Glenn Gorden earned over $4000.00 per year in salary and other earnings.

Profession Life Glenn Gorden:

Glenn Gorden’s work and history are rarely recorded. He’s supposed to be a businessman who runs Gorden Enterprises – a real estate, entertainment and media company. He has contributed to various causes, including the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Glenn Gorden Net Worth

Glenn Gorden Marriage with Jacklyn Zeman :

ย Glenn Gorden and Jacklyn Z. Zeman met in the late 80s when she was a well-known actress who played Barbara “Bobbie’ Spencer on ABC’s daytime serial General Hospital.

She was previously married to DJ Murray Kaufman, better known as Murray the K, from 1979 to 1981 and Steve Gribbin between 1985 and 1986. Glenn Gorden and Jacklyn Seman were married in February 1988. Family and friends attended the wedding. Cassidy Zee Gorden was their first daughter.ย 

Lacey Rose Gorden was their second daughter. The couple was in a happy relationship for many years. Jacklyn Zeman was impressed by her husband’s generosity and financial know-how, while Glenn Gorden praised his wife for her acting accomplishments.

Lacey Rose Cassidy and I at Terranea Resort and Spa for a wonderful and special early birthday treat. I am lucky and blessed, Momma. Glenn Gorden, Jacklyn Zรฉman and their 19-year marriage divorced in 2007.ย 

Jacklyn Zeman Husband:

Jacklyn Zeman was married three times. She married Murray Kaufman, a well-known DJ named Murray the K. This marriage lasted between September 16, 1979 and 1981. She married Steve Gribbin for the second and final time in 1985-86.

She married Glenn Gorden on February 14, 1988, and remained with him until June 21, 2007. Zeman also had a close relationship with GH co-star Anna Lee, who played the rich matriarch Lila Quartermaine.ย 

Zeman paid homage to Lee in 2004, before her death. She described Lee as a “surrogate grandparent” for her both on and off camera. It was always a pleasure to be with her on set and off.

I think about her often and feel fortunate to have experienced her friendship and wonderful humor. Zeman’s house in Malibu, California, was reported to be foreclosed in 2012.ย 

Profession and Background of Glenn Gorden:

Glenn Gorden’s background and career need to be well-documented. Gorden Enterprises is his company. He’s an entrepreneur. He is a good manager of entertainment and real estate. He is also involved in charitable activities such as donating money to the Make-a-Wish Foundation or the American Cancer Society.

Glenn Gorden Life after divorce:

Jacklyn Zeman, Glenn Gorden and their two daughters raised them alone after the divorce. They always respect each other’s privacy and never say anything bad about each other to the media.

Glenn doesn’t marry again after separating from Jacklyn. He maintains his privacy and concentrates on his business. He keeps his relationship with his daughters close as they grow up by Jacklyn and follow their careers.ย 

Jacklyn, on the other hand, does not marry after Glenn’s divorce. She is an actress who has appeared in some shows and films. She has also played a part in many projects related to health, beauty, fashion and wellness. Media sources had revealed that Glenn was devastated when he learned of the death of his ex-wife, Jacklyn.

Glenn Gorden Social Media Accounts:

Glenn Gorden Instagram


Glenn Gorden, an entrepreneur who is also the ex-husband of Jacklyn, is a successful entrepreneur. Both were married on Valentine’s Day but separated later due to some issues.

They are still on good terms, and they have two daughters. After their divorce, they chose to remain single and not marry anyone else.

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