Hasbulla Net Worth 2023 – Where is Hasbulla From?

Hasbulla Net Worth 2023: A Russian social media personality, Hasbulla, who has a net worth of $2 million.


In the ever-evolving world of social media, where trends change overnight and new sensations emerge regularly, Hasbulla Magomedov has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with his unique charm and infectious personality.

Standing just over 3 feet tall, Hasbulla’s journey from obscurity to social media stardom has been extraordinary. With millions of followers on various platforms and a growing presence in celebrity boxing, one can’t help but wonder: What is Hasbulla’s net worth, and how did he achieve this level of fame and fortune?


📌 Real Name Hasbulla Magomedovich Magomedov
🩸Date Of Birth 7 July 2002
💥 Age 20 Years
🚨 Birth Place
🔴 Country Russia
🔺 Profession Actor
🧨 living Makhachkala
🚩 Horoscope Cancer

Who is Hasbulla?

Hasbulla, known by the nickname Mini Khabib because of his striking resemblance with UFC star Khabib, has taken over TikTok. Unexpectedly, Hasbulla’s young vocalization and small stature could make him appear younger than he is.

Hasbulla’s contrast is what makes him so compelling. He didn’t know he was becoming famous on the internet. He uploaded videos to TikTok for no particular reason. 

Hasbulla was born in Makhachkala, Russia and attended a nearby private school. Hasbulla is currently studying for his Bachelor of Arts degree in Russia.

He began his TikTok career as an adolescent. Instagram is another place he uses to share bits of his personal life. While he navigates the social media world, his main focus is his career and future. 

Hasbulla Net Worth

Hasbulla Early Life:

Hasbulla was born in Makhachkala Dagestan on 7 July 2002. He was raised as a Muslim and attended an Islamic school for four years. Hasbulla is a dwarf due to a deficiency in growth hormones. 

Career: From Internet Sensation To MMA Aspirant:

Hasbulla Magomedov is a young Russian named Hasbulla who became famous on social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok. A video of a May 2021 press conference featuring Tajikistani Music Abdurouzik went viral.

Hasbulla and Khabib Nurmagomedov don’t share an ancestor despite being born in the same nation and having similar physical characteristics. His Internet fame increased after he created a viral video mocking Khabib’s weigh-in. 

Dana White, a sports agent from New York City, was interested in Hasbulla’s and Abdul Rozik’s match. White spent $1.5m staging the match. The Russian Dwarf Athletic Association branded it as “unethical” and not an athletic event.

Hasbulla is not afraid of controversy. Hasbulla told a joke during an interview with Barstool Sports about Cristiano Cristiano. Hasbulla has announced that he will be touring Australia from June 2022 to allow fans to meet him and purchase merchandise. 

How did Hasbulla initially gain popularity on social media, and what were some of his most notable early content? Hasbulla gained fame when he challenged Abdu to a fight.

Due to ethical concerns, the fight was not held. Joe Rogan called Hasbulla “Mini Khabib” and praised his management. Hasbulla is not content to rest on his laurels. He has demonstrated his fiery temper in a fight with MMA fighter Conor McGregor. 

Hasbulla Net Worth

Hasbulla Net Worth:

What is Hasbulla Magomedov Net Worth?  Speculations about Hasbulla’s projected net worth of $200,000 are rife on social media.

Hasbulla is more than just a list of figures. He enjoys driving premium vehicles and frequently shares images of BMWs, Lexuses, and Mercedes on social media. Despite his small stature, this man has demonstrated his ability to handle strong autos. 

📌 Net Worth $2 Million
🩸 Net Worth in 2022 $1.9 Million
💥 Net Worth in 2021 $1.8 Million
🚨 Net Worth in 2020 $17 Million
🔴 Salary $0.1 Million Per Year
🔺 Source Of income Actor
🧨 House St. Petersburg, Florida
🚩 Cars BMWs

Hasbulla Disease:

Hasbulla Magomedov’s condition has affected him since he was a young child. Some people believe that hormonal imbalances can cause dwarfism. Human growth hormone injections can treat GHD.

Hasbulla was not treated the same as Messi. Hasbulla is unique because of his appearance. Hasbulla has created a niche in social media for himself despite having a disability.

Hasbulla Magomedov’s Investment In Watches:

Hasbulla Magomedov has invested in luxury watches, cars, and cryptocurrency to diversify its portfolio. Hasbulla’s digital expertise, luxury watch collection and watch enthusiasts will impress you.

Rolex collectors will be drooling over his collection. Hasbulla bought his first watch for $7,500. It was a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31mm with a Roman dark gray dial and oyster band. Rolex Luxury watches are gaining popularity as wealthy investors recognize their timeless value.

Hasbulla Revving Cars:

Hasbulla’s Instagram fans will notice he has great taste in cars. Photos of Hasbulla flanking and flaunting new BMWs and AMGs are all over his social media channels.

He has shown that, despite being short, he can drive cars sitting on the driver’s lap. He’s also been pictured riding a quad in the streets and driving a 4WD only on beaches.

There are also many videos showing the daredevil brandishing knives and toting weapons. He has been seen shooting an AK-104. He tries to lift the weapon with the assistance of a cop but flops. With the help of a police officer, he fires several shots as if he were a veteran soldier.

Hasbulla Net Worth

Hasbulla Magomedov Age, Height & Weight:

Hasbulla is a 20-year-old with a baby face and childlike features. He also has a high-pitched voice.

Due to dwarfism, he is 3’3” tall and weighs 18kg (40 pounds). He also has a high-pitched vocal tone. 

Hasbulla is a famous name. His popularity skyrocketed in May 2021 after his press conference before his fight with the popular 17-year-old Tajikistan singer Abdu Rosik, despite having been born with Growth Hormone Deficiency and dwarfism.

This has kept the fighter from accepting challenges and challenging former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor. 

📌 Age 20 Years
🩸 Height 3 Feet 3 Inch
💥 Weight 18 Kg
🚨 Body Measurement Under Review
🔴 Eye Color Under Review
🔺 Hair Color Under Review
🧨 Shoes Size Under Review

Hasbulla Personal life:

Hasbulla owns a Scottish Fold named Barsik. He likes to shoot guns, tune up and drift fast cars, play pranks, and practice his fighting skills.

He signed a five-year contract in 2022 with UFC to promote mixed martial arts. Former Brazilian President is among his admirers of Jairbolsonaro and Former NBA player Shaquille.

Hasbulla Net Worth

Hasbulla Wife:

Hasbulla Magomedov, the charismatic social media sensation, has not publicly disclosed any information about a wife or marital status. His focus remains on entertaining his ever-growing fanbase and sharing humorous content online.

While there may be rumors or speculations, Hasbulla’s personal life is a well-guarded aspect of his intriguing story, allowing his fans to primarily enjoy the charm and wit he brings to the digital world.

📌 Father Mr. Magomedov
🩸 Mother Mrs. Magomedov
💥 Girlfriend Under Review
🚨 Wife Under Review
🔴 Siblings Under Review
🔺 Spouse Under Review
🧨 Children/Kids Under Review
🚩 Martial Status Under Review

Hasbullah Social Media Accounts:

Hasbulla Instagram

Hasbulla Wikipedia

Hasbulla LinkedIn

The Frequently Asked Quetion:

What is Hasbulla?

Hasbulla Magomedov is not just a person; he’s a phenomenon that’s taken the internet by storm. Standing at only 100 cm (3 ft 3 in) tall and weighing 18 kg (40 lbs), Hasbulla’s unique appearance and charismatic personality have made him a beloved social media sensation.

How Old Is Hasbulla?

Hasbulla Magomedov, the internet sensation known for his humor and charisma, is currently reported to be around 20 years old, although exact details about his age can be challenging to verify.

How Tall is Hasbulla?

Hasbulla Magomedov, the internet sensation, stands at a unique and distinctive height of approximately 3 feet 3 inches (around 100 cm). His small stature has made him a beloved figure in the world of social media and entertainment.

How Much Does Hasbulla Weigh?

Hasbulla Magomedov, the charismatic internet sensation, weighs approximately 18 kilograms (around 40 pounds), adding to his unique charm and endearing personality.

Why Was Hasbulla in Jail?

Hasbulla Magomedov, the beloved UFC ambassador and social media sensation, recently made headlines for an unexpected turn of events. The 20-year-old “Mini Khabib” found himself in a legal tangle in his native Dagestan, Russia.

The incident stemmed from an exuberant celebration at a wedding, where Hasbulla and his friends temporarily blocked a main road to partake in some spirited donut-driving antics. While this unexpected escapade brought him attention, it also led to his arrest due to multiple driving offenses. The incident showcased that even the most unconventional personalities can find themselves on the wrong side of the law, adding an intriguing chapter to Hasbulla’s story.

Who is Hasbullah Wife?

As of May 2023, the enigmatic social media star Hasbulla Magomedov has not tied the knot and does not have a wife. Hasbulla is known for being quite private about his personal life, so details about his relationships remain scarce. His focus continues to be on his social media presence and entertaining his ever-growing fanba

Why is Hasbulla so Small?

Hasbulla Magomedov’s distinctive stature is a result of a form of dwarfism, specifically caused by a growth hormone deficiency. Standing at just 100 cm (3 ft 3 in) tall and weighing 18 kg (40 lbs), his unique appearance has captured the hearts of many.

How is Hasbullah so Rich?

As Hasbulla’s star continues to rise, so does his financial success. In the year 2023, his earnings have surged, with estimates suggesting an annual income exceeding $80,000. This impressive figure contributes to his growing net worth, which now stands at a remarkable $200,000. Hasbulla’s journey from internet sensation to financial prosperity is a testament to his unique charm and the global appeal of his persona.

What is Hasbullah Kid Worth?

Hasbulla Magomedov’s estimated net worth is around $2 million. This remarkable financial success is a testament to his popularity and the opportunities that have arisen from his internet fame. With an estimated annual income of $80,000, Hasbulla’s financial standing continues to grow, showcasing the incredible potential of his unique persona in the digital age.

Where is Hasbulla From?

Hailing from the vibrant city of Makhachkala in Russia, Hasbulla Magomedov’s charismatic presence has transcended borders, making him a global sensation in the world of social media and entertainment. His unique charm and humor have captured hearts worldwide, proving that talent knows no geographical boundaries.

Who Is Hasbulla Father?

Hasbulla Magomedov’s father, known as Mr. Magomedov, is not widely known or publicly disclosed. Hasbulla keeps his personal life relatively private, focusing on his social media presence and entertaining his fans with his unique charisma and humor. As such, details about his family members, including his father, remain largely undisclosed.

Who Is Hasbulla Mother?

Mr. Magomedov, whose first name is not widely known in the public domain, has chosen to keep his family and personal details private. As a result, there is limited information available about Hasbulla Magomedov’s mother or other family members.


Hasbulla Magomedov’s remarkable journey from a young man in Dagestan to a global social media sensation and celebrity boxer is a testament to the power of authenticity, relatability, and unique talent.

While the exact figure of Hasbulla’s net worth remains speculative, there’s no doubt that he has amassed substantial wealth through social media earnings, brand collaborations, and his participation in celebrity boxing.

As he continues to capture the hearts of fans worldwide, it will be fascinating to see how Hasbulla’s net worth and influence evolve in the coming years.

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