Kidsluv Net Worth 2023 – Kidsluv Shark Tank Update

Kidsluv Net Worth 2023: A zero-sugar juice-infused drink for kids, KidsLuv has a net worth of $20 million. 


Kidsluv has blown away the beverage industry. This popular brand offers a variety of tasty and healthy drinks for children. Kidsluv products are a healthy alternative to sugary beverages for parents.

What is Kidsluv’s net worth, and how did it become the leading brand in healthy hydration? This blog will examine the journey of Kidsluv and the factors that influence its net worth. We’ll also ask some questions to help you better understand this thriving company.

What is Kidsluv?

KidsLuv water is flavored to address concerns over excessive sugar consumption in children. Parents will find it a good choice. If your child is suffering from tooth decay, it’s important to switch snacks and add choices such as KidsLuv. KidsLuv can help children who are malnourished but don’t know it.

They tend to favor carbohydrate and sugary foods while ignoring other nutrients. KidsLuv water is a great alternative to gummy vitamin supplements. Gummy vitamins are a great way to provide kids with essential nutrients.

They can, however, cause tooth decay or trigger sugar cravings. KidsLuv, on the other hand, provides all of your child’s vitamins without any side effects.

Kidsluv Net Worth

Kidsluv Net Worth:

What Is KidsLuv Net Worth? Kids Love has no calories and is healthy. Before the show, sales for the company were only $55,000. After subtracting the costs of licensing, trademarking, and regulatory costs, the company only had $50,000 in its account.

How can Kidsluv continue to grow? The company’s net value has increased significantly since appearing on the show. Before appearing on Shark Tank, the company was estimated to be worth approximately $1 million. By 2023, the net worth of Kidsluv is expected to be $20 million.

Kidsluv Shark Tank:

Ashi Jelinek is the C.E.O. and founder of Kids Luv. She appeared on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 15. She was there to promote her vitamin-infused children’s juice.

Before the show, Ashi had already generated $55,000 in sales. Ashi initially formulated drinks in her kitchen, but she later hired a professional to help. Mark Cuban was on the panel of sharks, along with Robert Herjavec and Barbara Corcoran. Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner were also present. 

Ashi asked for a $200,000 investment in Shark Tank in exchange for an 8% stake in her company. Ashi Jelinek served samples of her coconut and mango drinks to the sharks during her Shark Tank presentation.

These drinks were sweetened using small amounts of stevia. Ashi left the show without a deal because none of the Sharks had made one with her. Unfortunately, no sharks agreed to make a deal with Ashi. Ashi Jelinek left the show before she could reach an agreement with the sharks.

Kidsluv Net Worth

Kidsluv Shark Tank Update:

Ashi Jelinek did not let the rejections on Shark Tank deter her. She took the advice of the sharks to heart and concentrated on getting her product onto the market.

Ashi thanked the Shark Tank panel for their advice and welcomed the chance to learn. She devoted herself to her marketing and business efforts. KidsLuv has shown significant improvements and is still flourishing in 2023. 

Ashi’s resolve never wavered even though the pandemic temporarily affected business. She persevered and introduced a new flavor called Peach Me I’m Orange.

KidsLuv is now available at major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Ashi’s own KidsLuv site. It is also available at over 1600 CVS locations. Ashi’s expansion of her brand is a clear demonstration of her commitment and success.

Founder and CEO of KidsLuv:

Ashi Jelinek is a mother to three children who founded the Living Company in 2017 in order to provide healthier alternative drinks for her kids. She was worried that her children would consume too much sugar and not get enough vitamins from their beverages.

The founder graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in theater/communications and began her career in a theater in New York. She decided to leave her career after a while and become a full-time parent.

She believes that motherhood is an important part of her life. After failing to find drinks that contained zero sugar, she decided to create Kids Luv.

Kidsluv Net Worth 

KidsLuv After Shark Tank:

In Season 11, Episode 15, the founder of Kids, Luv Ashi, was unable to get a deal and left the show without a deal. The Shark Tank Blog is constantly looking up the companies who appeared on the show.

The episode was broadcast just before the Covid-19 pandemic caused lockdowns around the world. The C.E.O. didn’t give up on home and kept working against the odds to introduce new flavors of peach and Orange to Kids Luv, as they were only available in mango and coconut. Sales and revenue of the company increased dramatically during the lockdowns and pandemic. 

The company’s sales and revenues skyrocketed just a year after the show aired. In 2022, Kids Luv introduced a brand new berry flavor. In 2022, the company will have an estimated annual revenue of $5 million.

This is a significant increase compared to its sales before it appeared on Shark Tank. KidsLuv can be found in 21 stores throughout southern California and four stores in San Francisco.

The 16 packs of beverages are $37.99, making one pack cost $2.37. Kids Luv beverages are sold at Wal-Mart Thrive, Target, H.E.B. Stop & Shop, Kings Soopers Good Eggs, and Amazon.

Kidsluv Drink:

KidsLuv, a vitamin-rich flavored beverage that is free of sugar in its main component, contains a lot of vitamins. This does not mean that it’s not sweet. Ashi and her staff have ensured that KidsLuv beverages are sweet enough for kids to enjoy instead of juices.

KidsLuv does not use processed sugar but instead uses a natural sweetener found in stevia and fruit extracts. KidsLuv uses a small amount of stevia, which is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. KidsLuv comes in three flavors at the moment: coconut, mango, and a mixture of Orange and peach.

Kidsluv Net Worth

KidsLuv Sales:

Jelinek aimed to expand her business, which was growing, to major retailers in 2022, such as Target and HEB supermarkets in Texas. She also had plans to expand the online presence of KidsLuv.

Kona Equity reports that KidsLuv’s current annual revenue is more than $5,000,000. The brand will add a new flavor in 2022 to its current line-up of flavors, including Starstruck Coconut and Peach Me, I’m Orange.

BevNet reports that in May 2022, beary berry was added to BurNett’s flavor list. It also contains immune-supporting vitamin D and zinc. The KidsLuv company was in a good place throughout 2022 but fell off the map by the end of the year.

Kidsluv Net Worth

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The Frequently Asked Question:

What Is KidsLuv Revenue?

KidsLuv is making waves, with a revenue stream surging at an impressive $5.2 million, quenching the thirst for healthy and delicious hydration


Making wholesome options more readily available for families is crucial, as demonstrated by Kidsluv’s path from a concept to produce healthier drinks for kids to a profitable brand.

Kidsluv’s influence on the beverage sector and its goal to advance wellness and health are clear. Kidsluv’s net worth reflects their dedication to giving young customers more options.

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