Marquise Jackson Net Worth 2024 – Age, Height, Wife, Mother

Marquise Jackson Net Worth 2024: An American rapper and actor, Marquise Jackson, has a net worth between $1-5 Million as of 2024.


Marquise Jackson’s most notable distinction is that he is the son of 50 Cent, a renowned American rapper. The legendary musician 50 Cent said that his son changed his life completely.

Marquise was a regular G-Unit model for his father, 50 Cent. She also walked on the runway with her father at some events. Explore the information below to get a full profile of Marquise Jackson and keep up with his journey.

Who is Marquise Jackson?

Marquise is a well-known Family Member. His birthplace was California. He was born on October 13, 1997. Marquise Tompkins is the son of 50 Cent, a rapper.

Shaniqua Tompkins is appropriately known as 25 Cent. Marquise was born in the United States. Marquise appeared in 50 Cent’s “Wanksta” segment of 50 Cent: the New Breed.ย 

Marquis Ferrod Jackson plays the defensive line for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League. He played football at Portland State in college. Jackson signed with the Minnesota Vikings as a free agent in 2013 after not being selected in the draft.

Marquise Jackson Net Worth

Marquise Jackson Early Life:

In his early years, it seemed like everything was going well. Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua, filed a lawsuit against her former husband, 50 Cent, in 2009. She claimed he had broken his promise to “look after” her for the rest of her life.

Marquise had just turned 12 at the time. The judge rejected Shanqiua’s demand for $50 million as the court case progressed. The judge instead ordered that 50 Cent would pay $25,000 per month as child support to Shaniqua up until Marquise turns 18 in 2015.

Marquise attended several schools, including King’s Ridge Christian School of Atlanta. Then, for his senior year, he transferred to St John’s Military School in Delafield, Wisconsin.

Marquise was a standout guard in his last year of high school. He averaged around 19 points per game, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. He needed more attention despite his best efforts at the National Prep Showcase.

Marquise Jackson Career:

Marquise, who graduated from high school in the mid-2010s, decided not to go to college because his father, 50 Cent, refused the money. He shifted his focus from basketball to hip-hop. Marquise’s first song, “Different”, was released in 2017 at the age of 20.

In 2017, Marquise released “Just Another Freestyle”, “Follow Your Heart”, “Beast Mode”, “I’ll Be Fine”, and other tracks. Marquise has also dabbled in acting, appearing in documentaries about his late father, 50 Cent.ย 

Marquise Jackson Net Worth

Marquise & 50 Cent’s Relationship:

Marquise spoke about his relationship with his father in an interview with Wrap Up. “Growing up, his dad was his hero”. When Marquise was 15, he invited his father to hang out with him at his mother’s house.

Marquise wasn’t there when 50 Cent arrived. He sent his son angry texts saying, “Don’t even have a son any more, delete my number”. Marquise was still a teenager when his relationship with his dad fell apart.ย 

Marquise chose to break out of the shadow cast by his father, 50 Cent. From an early age, he became interested in basketball. In 2017, his relationship with his father continued to deteriorate.

Marquise shared a photo of him hanging out with 50 Cent’s longtime rival “Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff”. After this, 50 Cent’s relationship with his son ended.

Marquise Jackson’s Personal Life:

The feud between Marquise and his father reached new heights over the next few months. Marquise started the feud when he went on Instagram Live.

In a chat with Choke No Joke, he revealed that his father paid him $6700 per month as child support during his teenage years. Marquise then doubled down by posting an image to Instagram in which he wrote the word entitled using a series of banknotes.ย 

The reference was to a photo of 50 Cent. When he faced bankruptcy reports, 50 Cent had posted on Instagram. Marquise offered to pay $6700 to his father for 24 hours. This would allow the two to finally do everything Marquise had wanted to do as a child. TMZ contacted Marquise and asked him if he meant it.ย 

Marquise replied by telling the media outlet he was not only serious but would also pay more money if needed in the hope that this all one day would lead to a greater understanding between them.

50 Cent told TMZ that if Marquise is serious about preparing to end a relationship, he shouldn’t reach out through social media or news outlets.

Marquise Jackson Net Worth

Marquise Jackson Net Worth:

Marquise Jackson is worth an estimated between $1-5 Million. Marquise’s broken relationship with 50 Cent makes him more famous than his music.

Marquise claims that his father paid him $6700 a month before he turned 18. Marquise began earning money in the music business after graduating from high school.ย 

What Happened Between 50 Cent And Marquise Jackson?

The relationship between father and son has been normal since the Marquises were young. He has told them about himself partly due to his difficult relationship with them.

He kicked her out after his wife Shaniqua and 50 of her cents broke up. Her $4 million Long Island mansion was a result. Shaniqua said she was promised a nice home in the past.ย 

This caused a fight with the couple who just broke up. Marquise claims that he began receiving child support at the age of 10 or 11. It was only $6700 per month.

His father thought it was millions of dollars for 10 years. This answer made me question whether Choke No Joke was enough money to purchase socks.ย 

Marquise tried to ignore the blogger’s doubts and explained why the crowd was not good enough for him. This was done to make him look like the son of a famous rapper. His father, 50 Cent, got a lot of support for what was deemed to be criticism.

Where was Marquise Jackson Born?

Marquise Jackson is an American born on October 13, 1996. Marquise Jackson was his given name. He is an American. Jackson is African-American and has Libra as his zodiac.

Marquise was raised in a wealthy household and became a celebrity. He is the oldest son of Curtis James Jackson III (better known as 50 Cent) and Shaniqua Thomas, his former girlfriend (mother). His mother is an actress, and his father is a Grammy Award winner.ย 

Marquise Jackson Net Worth

Marquise Jackson Hobbies:

Marquise has loved playing basketball since he was young. He was the best prep-school player at St John Military Academy in 2014 when he was only 16.

How Tall is Marquise Jackson?

Marquise is a handsome black man in his 20s. He is a muscular man with a well-maintained physique. He is 5ft tall. He is tall at 9 inches.

Marquise and his siblings:

Marquise, his half-brother, is the oldest. Sire Jackson, his half-named brother, is also his full name. Mia Jackson, his other half-name is. Sire Jackson, his younger sibling, was born on September 1, 2012. Sire has now turned nine. Mia is a YouTuber who has her channel, Mia Jackson.ย 

She is a fashion model since she posts amazing pictures of herself in bikinis and shorts. Marquise has not been married for the time being. There was still a report that said he had a romantic relationship with the singer Tyler Royale. He lives with his sister and mother, with whom he shares a strong relationship.

Marquise Jackson Social Media Accounts:

Marquise Jackson Instagram

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Marquise has worked hard to create a niche in the entertainment industry. He is the son of a famous rapper and businessman. Jackson has taken his path, and he’s gained a large following in both music and acting. Marquise has not given up on his career despite the difficulties he may have faced.

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