NuMilk Net Worth 2023 – How Much is Numilk Worth?

NuMilk Net Worth 2023: The fresh, organic, and plant-based milk Numilk has a net worth of $70 million. After appearing on Shark Tank, NuMilk has suffered from decreased sales due to Covid-19.


Numilk has revolutionized the dairy industry by introducing innovative milk alternatives. What is Numilk’s financial worth? How has its success in the plant-based milk sector contributed to it?

This blog will examine the impact and story of Numilk. We’ll also investigate the factors influencing its net worth and gain insight into its remarkable journey.

What Is Numilk?

NuMilk, a machine for making fresh plant-based drinks and milk with different ingredients, such as vegan alternatives, is an innovative product.

The machine uses almonds, purified water, and maple syrup to make almond milk quickly. NuMilk, a company that produces milk from plant-based products, was founded by Ari Tolwin and Joseph C. Savino.ย 

NuMilk Net Worth

Founders of Numilk:

Ari Tolwin is from New York, and Joe Savino was born in California. Both of them were passionate about entrepreneurship as children. Ari Tolwin is an orthodox Jew with an MBA from Duke University.

Savino holds a BBA degree in Finance from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business. They have a lot of experience in the beverage industry.ย 

Tolwin was CEO of Happy Tree Maple Water, a tree water company he co-founded in 2013. Savino founded Harvest Beverage Group in the same year.

The two men decided to leave the respective companies they had founded after five years. The two joined forces to create a new company that would produce milk made from plants.

Establishment of Numilk:

Joe came up with Numilk’s idea. The device was able to produce fresh almond milk on demand. The device only requires two ingredients: purified water and almonds.

Maple syrup can be added to the cup for a sweeter taste. The customer must insert the bottle into the faucet and select between sweetened or unsweetened options.ย 

The drink is ready in less than one minute. Numilk machines retail for $299. The concept was developed in 2018, but the startup only raised $12 million to develop it.

Spending $2 million, they only generated $40,000 in revenue. The following year, they lost $3 million but made $320,000. In 2020, they made $400,000 in profit but lost $2 million.

NuMilk Net Worth

Shark Tank Appearance:

Tolwin Savino needed help to get their business started. They decided to ask wealthy investors for help on The Shark Tank. In 2021, they made their pitch and offered 5% equity in exchange for $1 million.

Some Sharks thought valuing their business at $20 million was expensive. The original design was similar to two refrigerators in size.ย 

Numilk Home, a portable version of the product that was sold for $199, was also launched. Mark Cuban, the richest Shark and a vegetarian saw potential in it. Cuban offered $2 million in exchange for $1 million cash and 7% equity. Joe and Ari agreed to the other half of this deal: a loan at 3% interest.

After Shark Tank:

Numilk began negotiating with Whole Foods following their Shark Tank episode. They also ran a Kickstarter Campaign and raised more than $222,000 during this time.

The machines are sold in 133 shops across the US, with most of them on the East Coast. The home version can be pre-ordered on their website for $249, while the pro version costs $699.

They are looking for wholesale partners in grocery stores and coffee shops. Silicon Valley Bank approved Numilk for a PPP loan of $212,005 in February 2021.ย 

This helped to retain 9 jobs. Numilk has yet to progress as planned and has faced supply chain problems. Kickstarter’s comment section is flooded with people asking for refunds.

Numilk and Hamilton Beach have agreed to produce the Home and Pro machines in September 2022. Numilk’s latest sales figures for 2022 have yet to be released, but it is assumed that the company is still losing money. It is valued at $ 55 million.ย 

NuMilk Net Worth

NuMilk Net Worth:

NuMilk replaced its large vending machines with smaller NuMilk Pros and now offers a home machine. After appearing on Shark Tank, NuMilk has suffered from decreased sales due to Covid-19.

During lockdowns, they could develop advanced machines with Mark Cuban’s help. The company’s sales reached $13 Million, with the majority coming from home machines. They have over 150 locations across the United States that offer their machines. NuMilk Shark Tank’s net worth in 2023 is $70,000,000.

Numilk’s Competitors:

Perfect Day Company has between 101 and 250 employees in Berkeley, California. Honey Mama’s employs 11 to 50 people in Portland, Oregon. Oat Haus has 11 to 50 employees in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Numilk Products:

Numilk is a company that offers a variety of milk products made with their innovative machine. Customers can select from almond and oat milk in various flavors to suit their tastes. Numilk allows users to produce fresh milk within minutes. This eliminates the need for additives and minimizes waste.

NuMilk Net Worth

Numilk Shark Update:

Numilk has become a popular product. Many people needed this product when it was featured on Shark Tank. Mark’s contract with the business is not over until August 2022.

Mark may still be helping to grow the business. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $222,353 from 888 supporters for its Numilk Home product. In August 2022, we have yet to receive any annual sales report.

Is Numilk Still In Business?

Numilk is a company that can grow in the next few years. This business can succeed in coffee shops and grocery stores if well-marketed. This business plans to sell its products in supermarkets in various cities nationwide shortly. Mark is likely to be associated with the business.ย 

Joe Savino, Ari Tolwin, and Mark are probably still co-owners. This business has been marketed well, even though this product isn’t available on Amazon. The website is growing slowly.

The social media account of this company is active at the moment and posts quite frequently on Instagram. Numilk will still be in business until August 2022.

NuMilk Net Worth

Numilk Social Media Accounts:

Numilk Instagram

Numilk Twitter

Numilk Website


The growth of Numilk from an all-vegetable startup to a significant player in the dairy sector is proof of the significance of innovation and sustainability. Additionally, it shows how customer behavior is changing.

Modern technology, the company’s dedication to sustainability, and delicious dairy-free products have all contributed significantly to its financial success. For those motivated by the business, the price of Numilk is a contentious subject.

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