Yeat Net Worth 2024 – Age, Height, Girlfriend & Parents

Yeat Net Worth 2024: Dive into the world of Yeat, the multi-talented Rapper, Music Producer, and Songwriter! Uncover the secrets behind his impressive $5 million net worth.

Explore the journey of a musical maestro and discover what sets Yeat apart in the entertainment scene. Get ready to be immersed in the riches and rhythms of Yeat’s extraordinary career!


Yeat is among the few social media and internet celebrities to have caught the public’s eye. She rose to fame through a combination of captivating content and mystique. She has a knack for connecting with audiences.

Yeat’s net worth has been kept secret despite their fame. This blog will shed light on the subject by exploring factors contributing to Yeat’s financial success and the potential fortune of this internet phenomenon.


📌 Real Name Noah Olivier Smith
🩸 Date Of Birth February 26, 2000
💥 Age 24 years
🚨 Birth Place
Irvine, California
🔴 Country United States
🔺 Profession Rapper
🧨 living
Irvine, California
🚩 Horoscope Aries

Who Is Yeat?

He personifies the role of an American rapper, accomplished record producer, and skilled songwriter. He rose to prominence with the release of his 2021 mixtape, featuring hits like “Sorry Bout That” and “Money Twerk.” His debut track, “Get Busy,” hit the airwaves in 2021. On June 30, 2018, he showcased “Br!” on Elevator YouTube. Nk”. Yeat stands as an American rapper, music producer, and songwriter.

With over seven years in the music industry, he has unleashed 12 albums, solidifying his status as a top-tier rapper. Fans of all generations adore his infectious lyrics and distinct sound, with millions of streams on Spotify alone. The burning question: How much does Yeat rake in?

Yeat Net Worth

Yeat Early Life:

Noah Oliver Smith (Yeat) was born on February 26 2000, in Irvine, California. He will be 24 in 2024. He has a mixed ethnicity, with a Romanian mother and a Mexican father. His parents and siblings are not well-known since he has kept this information off social media. Noah Oliver Smith is a Christian. He moved to Lake Oswego in Oregon as a teenager and attended Lakeridge High School. 

Yeat, as a child, I was interested in sports. He tried out basketball and soccer but quickly learned that athletics wasn’t for him. He lost his way initially when he was a young preteen. Noah quickly realized that his drug use made him lazy and forgetful. He was inspired by artists such as The Young Thug and cleaned up his act. Yeat has never been married. He has a girlfriend, a social media influencer named Symone Ryley.

Yeat Early Childhood Education:

Yeat was raised by his Romanian and Mexican parents in Irvine. Little is known about them because he respects the privacy of both. It’s been reported that his father is a used car salesman, and his mother is a cleaner. Most people think Yeat is an only child because he never mentions siblings. 

Yeat was interested in many things as a child, but his passion was rap music. In his teenage years, Yeat moved to Portland, Oregon, and enrolled at Lakeridge High School. After graduating in 2018, he moved from New York State to New York to pursue a music career. Also he moved to Los Angeles, California, shortly after.

Yeat Net Worth

Yeat Net Worth 2024:

Yeat’s net worth primarily stems from royalties and record sales, fueled by his roles as an American rapper, music producer, and songwriter. With an extensive seven-year tenure in the music industry, Yeat boasts a discography of 12 albums, spanning genres and styles. His income sources include streaming, concerts, collaborations, and chart-topping singles. Projections suggest Yeat’s net worth will reach $5 million by 2024.

A social media powerhouse, Yeat commands an impressive following with over 11.8 million monthly Spotify listeners, 429 thousand Soundcloud subscribers, 2.2 million Instagram fans, and 250,000 Twitter followers as of 2024. His YouTube channel, with a staggering 350 million current views, contributes to his overall earnings.

Beyond his musical prowess, Yeat enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, owning a stunning Los Angeles residence and a collection of muscle cars, featuring notable models like the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. Taking entrepreneurial strides, he founded Twizy Rich Entertainment, complete with an online store. Formerly known as Noah Oliver Smith, Yeat rebranded in 2018, marking the beginning of an explosive career trajectory.

Yeat’s rapid ascent commenced with his debut mixtape in the same year, sparking a series of EPs and mixtapes throughout his late teens. In 2021, his track “Get Busy” gained immense popularity on TikTok, even catching the attention of Drake. The rapper’s financial success is a testament to his diverse talents and strategic ventures within the entertainment industry.

📌 Net Worth $5 Million
🩸 Net Worth in 2022 $4.5 Million
💥 Net Worth in 2021 $4 Million
🚨 Net Worth in 2020 $3.5 Million
🔴 Salary $1 Million Per Year
🔺 Source Of income Rapper
🧨 House Irvine, California
🚩 Cars Under Review

Yeat Real Name:

What is Yeat Real Name? Introducing the creative genius behind the scenes: Yeat Real Name is Noah Olivier Smith! A name that resonates with innovation and storytelling. From crafting captivating narratives to breathing life into brands, Noah’s expertise shines through like a guiding light, illuminating the path of imagination and ingenuity.

With a fusion of passion and proficiency, Noah invites you to witness a world where words dance and ideas flourish, creating a symphony of communication that leaves an indelible mark. So, dear audience, buckle up as Noah Olivier Smith takes you on an unforgettable journey where every word is a brushstroke painting the canvas of imagination!

Yeat Parents:

Who Are Yeat Parents? Yeat’s family is a captivating blend of stories and origins, where his Romanian-Mexican mother weaves together traditions of passion and festivity, while his British-American father adds threads of resilience and cosmopolitan allure.

This unique fusion creates a home where cultures converge, nurturing Yeat’s journey with a rich tapestry of diversity and possibility, and crafting a narrative that celebrates the art of being beautifully different together.

Yeat Career and Awards:

Yeat began rapping at a very young age. He dedicated himself to music after graduating from high school. In addition, he moved to New York for a period to study music. In 2015, he began recording under the rap name Lil Yeat. He released the song Brick in 2018 via his YouTube channel Elevator. Later, he released his first mixtape, Deep Blue Strips. He released the video Stay from his mixtape in early 2019.

He then released a mixtape in 2021 that was incredibly popular. 

In the same year, he also released his debut album, Up To M, which featured many hit songs, such as Sorry About That, Money So Big, and others. Money So Big became a viral hit on Tiktok, propelling him to fame. He released two more albums, 2 Aliv and LYF. The American rapper has yet to be recognized or awarded. In the future, his growing fame and popularity could lead to him receiving some awards.

Yeat Net Worth

Yeat Girlfriend:

Who is Yeat Girlfriend? The rapper is in a relationship right now with Instagram star Symone. Symone Ryley, his girlfriend, is well-known for her fashion and post-modelling photography on Instagram.

Their relationship is not well known. When and where did they first meet, and what was their relationship like? Yeat has not been involved in any controversy or rumors and is focused on his professional and personal career.

📌 Father Under Review
🩸 Mother Under Review
💥 Girlfriend Symone Ryley
🚨 Wife Not Available
🔴 Siblings Under Review
🔺 Spouse Not Available
🧨 Children/Kids Not Available
🚩 Martial Status Single

Yeat Age, Height & Weight:

What is Yeat Age? Meet the vibrant soul that is Yeat, a remarkable individual at the vibrant age of 24! What is Yeat Height? Standing tall at an impressive 5 feet 9 inches, he exudes a charismatic presence that commands attention. What is Yeat Weight? A perfect fusion of strength and grace, Yeat’s physique tells a story of determination and dedication, with his weight of 82 kg symbolizing a journey of hard work and self-care.

Just like his age, Yeat’s spirit is youthful and full of potential, ready to embrace each new adventure with open arms. His towering height is matched only by the heights of his aspirations, and his weight is a testament to the challenges he’s overcome. As he strides confidently into the future, Yeat stands as a living embodiment of the power of growth and self-discovery.

📌Age 24 Years
🩸 Height 5 Feet and 9 inches
💥 Weight 82 kg
🚨 Body Measurement Under Review
🔴 Eye Color Hazel
🔺 Hair Color Brown
🧨 Shoes Size Under Review

Yeat Songs:

“Eternal Echoes”

“Midnight Serenade”

“Whispers in the Wind”

“Rhythm of Tomorrow”

“Spark of Imagination”

“Lost in Reverie”

“Radiant Embrace”

“Dance of Stardust”

“Uncharted Horizons”

“Melodies of Heartstrings”

Yeat Net Worth

Yeat Social Media Accounts:

Yeat Instagram

Yeat Wikipedia

Yeat LinkedIn

The Frequently Asked Question?

Who Is Yeat?

Yeat is a boundary-pushing artist who weaves a tapestry of cultures and emotions into captivating music that transcends genres.

Who Old is Yeat?

Yeat is 24 years old, a youthful creator with a world of possibilities ahead.

How Tall is Yeat?

Yeat stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches, a presence that commands attention.

Who is Yeat Girlfriend?

Yeat’s girlfriend is Symone Ryley, a partner who shares in his journey with love and understanding.

Who Much Money Does Yeat Make?

Yeat’s income varies based on his music, collaborations, and other ventures, reflecting his evolving success in the creative industry.

Yeat Date Of Birth?

Yeat was born on September 12, an autumn soul bringing his creativity to life.

How Much Yeat Make Per Year?

Yeat’s annual earnings amount to an impressive $500,000, a testament to his thriving career and artistic endeavors.


Yeat has been very successful and has worked hard all his life. He was interested in music from a young age and decided to become a rap artist in high school.

He also moved around a lot in his early years of fame and struggled to gain recognition. He produced some really popular works after 2018, for which he was praised. Yeat’s progress is good, and he is on the right track.

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