Angel Reese Net Worth 2024 – Age, Height, Boyfriend, Parents

Angel Reese Net Worth 2024: Discover LSU basketball star Angel Reese’s impressive $1.3 million net worth, a testament to her talent and success.


Angel Reese is a basketball star who has made headlines for her excellence in women’s college ball. What is Angel Reese’s net worth? And how did her high school basketball career, followed by her entry into college ball, contribute to her financial success?

This blog will examine Angel Reese’s life and career and the factors influencing her net worth. We will also ask a few questions to gain insight into her rise in sports and scholarship.


📌 Real Name Angel Reese
🩸 Date Of Birth May 6, 2002
💥 Age 21 Years
🚨 Birth Place Randallstown, MD
🔴 Country United States
🔺 Profession Sports
🧨 living Randallstown, MD
🚩 Horoscope Taurus

Angel Reese: Who is she?

Any basketball fan who has watched her play will be able to respond to this. Her success is due as much to the encouragement of her family, notably her parents, Michael and Angel Reese, as it is to her talent.

Former basketball player for the University of Maryland and overseas, Angel’s mother fostered her love of the sport. Early influences from her mother and Angel’s tenacity helped pave the way for a remarkable journey.

Angel Reese Net Worth


Angel Reese Early Life:

Angel C. Reese and her younger sibling, Julian were raised primarily by their mother, Barbara Webb, and her parents Curtis and Barbara Webb. Her mother, Angel, is a former basketballer who played professionally in Luxembourg and for the University of Maryland. Angel, her mother, passed on her talents to her daughter. 

She then placed her in a position where she could succeed. Reese learned to play basketball as a point guard when she first started. This was because she did not hit her growth spurt till late in Middle school. She also participated in other sports, including swimming, ballet, and track.

Angel Reese Career:

Angel Reese started her basketball career at the St. Frances Academy, where she attended high school in Baltimore. Reese scored 24 points and grabbed 24 rebounds in the National SemiFinal Game, but her team lost in overtime. She led St. Frances Academy to three consecutive championships during her four outstanding years. 

She led her team to two championships in the conference while averaging 20 rebounds and 18 points. Reese became the second-best player in her 2020 class. She had a choice of schools after her success but chose to stay close to home to attend her mother’s Alma Mater.

Angel Reese Net Worth:

Angel Reese’s estimated Net Worth is about $1.3 million by 2024. This figure is on the rise. Angel’s NIL contracts with brands such as Amazon, Xfinity and McDonald’s have helped her accumulate substantial wealth. After her March Madness victory, Angel’s projected NIL earnings will be about $876,000. 

Reese, currently ranked sixth in the women’s Division l College Basketball rankings for highest earning players, has already become a millionaire.

Her huge social media following is estimated to earn more than $2,974 for each sponsored post. With her outstanding personality and spectacular athletic ability on the court, Angel Reese is on her path to greatness.

📌 Net Worth $1.3 Million
🩸 Net Worth in 2022 $1.1 Million
💥 Net Worth in 2021 $0.9 Million
🚨 Net Worth in 2020 $0.7 Million
🔴 Salary $0.2 Million per Year
🔺 Source Of income NFL Player
🧨 House Randallstown, MD
🚩 Cars Mercedes Benz

Angel Reese Achievements:

Reese has been recognized for her talent throughout her career. She has won several awards. She was named Gatorade Maryland’s Girls Basketball Player Of The Year for 2019 and 2020 in high school. She has also been chosen for several All-American teams, showcasing her skills and potential.

Angel Reese NIL Deals:

According to sources close to Angel Reese, the player has signed 17 NIL contracts. These include brands such as Coach, Wingstop and Merch on Demand. Despite having yet to sign with a sneaker brand, Reese’s NIL deals earn her a fortune.

She is currently the sixth highest-earning women’s basketball athlete with NIL revenues of $392,000. According to her agent, Jeanine Obonnaya, Reese is involved in 17 NIL deals.

Since August 2022, the LSU star has been a Coach brand ambassador. She also has deals with the supermarket Giant Food and the restaurant group Wingstop.

Reese also deals with the Telecommunications company Xfinity and TurboTax for tax preparation software. Her partnerships with Sparkling Ice, McDonald’s and Outback Steakhouse also contributed to her NIL earning.

Angel Reese Boyfriend:

Who Is Angel Reese Boyfriend? Angel Reese Boyfriend is Cam’Ron Fletcher.  Angel Reese finds herself intertwined with the talented Cam’Ron Fletcher.

This star-crossed duo, showcasing their playful spirit through friendly wagers and good-natured rivalries, adds a layer of intrigue to the story of their relationship. Cam’Ron Fletcher, the dynamic partner by her side, reveals the depth of their connection both on and off the court.

Did Angel Reese Get a Mercedes car?

Angel flaunted the new car on Twitter on May 2 2023. The Mercedes Benz was valued at $126,000. She has formed a partnership between Mercedes Benz Baton Rouge and her.

Angel Reese Mother:

Who Is Angel Reese Mother? Angel Reese, the basketball sensation, takes after her remarkable mother, Angel Webb. Like a true family of stars, they shine both on and off the court, with Angel Webb’s unwavering support propelling her daughter to greatness.

Angel Reese Net Worth

Angel Reese Personal Life:

Angel Reese, a basketball star to be reckoned upon, is very human with her experiences. Her road to fame has been filled with challenges and controversy. Reese was in the spotlight during the 2023 March Madness Tournament after an incident on the court. 

The classic hand gesture incident sparked debates and discussions amongst fans and pundits. It’s important to remember that even the biggest stars are subjected to scrutiny. How they respond in these situations defines their character. Angel is committed to her passion for basketball and her goals.

Angel Reese Family:

Angel Reese has a large family that is involved in various sports. Angel Webb is her mom. She’s a retired pro basketball player. Angel Webb played at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and joined Luxembourg. She taught her to play basketball from a young age. 

Reese has one younger brother, Julian Reese, an upcoming basketballer currently studying at Maryland University, where he plays for the team. Angel has a younger brother, Julian Reese. He is a basketballer who studies at Maryland University and plays for their team. 

📌 Father Mr. Brewer
🩸 Mother Angel Webb
💥 Boyfriend Cam’Ron Fletcher
🚨 Husband Under Review
🔴 Siblings Under Review
🔺 Spouse Under Review
🧨 Children/Kids Under Review
🚩 Martial Status Under Review

Angel Reese Parents:

Randallstown, Maryland, a basketball prodigy was born. Angel Reese, born to Angel and Michael Reese, inherited her love for the game from her mother. From those early driveway showdowns with her brother Julian to her roots in Baltimore County’s recreational league, her journey to greatness began with a family’s shared passion.

Angel Reese Age & Height:

What Is Angel Reese Age? Born on May 6, 2002, Angel Reese is the embodiment of youthful talent and determination at the age of 21.  Angel C. Reese, born in Randallstown, Maryland, was the daughter of Angel and Michael Reese. Angel Reese began playing basketball as a child and is now one of the highest-paid college players.

How tall is Angel Reese? Angel Reese, a popular American Basketball Player, 191 cm tall (6 Feet 3 inches). 

📌 Age 21 Years
🩸 Height 6 feet 3 inches
💥 Weight 75 kg
🚨 Body Measurement Under Review
🔴 Eye Color Under Review
🔺 Hair Color Under Review
🧨 Shoes Size Under Review

Angel Reese Earnings:

Angel Reese’s impressive earnings have reached $1.3 million by October 2024, while shining as a wordsmith, she continues to add another $0.2 million annually to her financial prowess.

Angel Reese Net Worth

Angel Reese Social Media Accounts:

Angel Reese Instagram

Angel Reese Twitter

Angel Reese Wikipedia

The Frequently Asked Question:

How Tall is Angel Resse?

Angel Resse rises above all, standing tall at a remarkable 6 feet and 3 inches. Her commanding presence is as remarkable as her towering height, leaving an indelible impression that’s hard to ignore.

How Old is Angel Resse?

At just 21 years old, Angel Reese is already a rising star, embodying youthful energy and a promising future in the world of basketball.

How Much is Angel Reese Worth:

Angel Reese, the basketball sensation, has not only stacked up points on the court but also in her financial game, amassing a noteworthy net worth of around $1.3 million.

What Is Angel Reese Nickname?

Meet Angel Reese, the Bayou Barbie, a true embodiment of Southern charm and allure. Her nickname captures the essence of her magnetic personality and unmistakable beauty.

Where is Angela Reese From?

Hailing from the vibrant town of Randallstown, Maryland, Angel Reese brings her local roots into everything she does.


Angel Reese’s journey from a high school basketball star to a collegiate player on scholarship proves the strength and commitment that sports and education can offer.

Her passion for basketball and likelihood of success have significantly impacted her financial situation. Due to her success, Angel Reese’s net worth is a popular issue amongst followers of women’s basketball and student-athletes.

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