How tall is the Liver King? What Is Liver King Height 2023

How tall is the Liver King in 2023: Discover the surprising height of Liver King, the unconventional health influencer, American fitness, and entrepreneur.


Liver King is a fitness and wellness influencer who has taken over the internet with his unconventional lifestyle and extreme health practices. Liver King has a huge following for his approach to fitness and health.

He eats raw animal organs, dives into icy water, and even consumes raw meat. His fans and curious observers often ask, “How tall Is Liver King?” Let’s examine Liver King’s rise to fame online and some provocative questions about his lifestyle.

How tall is the Liver King?

How tall is the Liver King?

Unlock the Mystery of the Liver King’s Height: 5’7″ of Raw Power

In the realm of health and wellness, few figures have captured the imagination quite like the enigmatic Liver King. With his awe-inspiring feats of strength, unyielding dedication to the carnivore lifestyle, and a charisma that commands attention, he’s become a force to be reckoned with in the wellness world. But what’s the real story behind the Liver King’s stature?

The Inside Scoop on Liver King’s Height

According to his emails and online presence, the Liver King stands at a solid 5’7″ (180cm). But as anyone familiar with him can attest, it doesn’t look like he’s exaggerating one bit. The Liver King’s physical presence is undeniable, and here’s why:

  1. Proportionate Build: The Liver King’s 5’7″ height is perfectly balanced with his muscular physique. His body exudes power and vitality, making every inch of him count.
  2. Visible Authenticity: In an age of digital trickery and filters, the Liver King’s authenticity shines through in videos and photos taken with others. His height appears consistent in various contexts, further reinforcing his genuine stature.
  3. Strength in Numbers: When seen alongside other individuals, the Liver King’s height aligns seamlessly with those around him. There’s no sign of him towering over or falling short of expectations – he’s exactly as he claims.

The Liver King Effect

What makes the Liver King’s height so intriguing is not just the number itself, but how it fits into the bigger picture. It’s a testament to his authenticity, transparency, and commitment to his mission of promoting a healthy, carnivorous lifestyle.

Liver King Weight:

Liver King weighs 190 lbs. (86kg), a reasonable weight given his extreme muscle. Most bodybuilders round up their weight. Liver King will likely weigh between 180-190 lbs (82-86 kg).

Liver King Body Fat Percentage:

Estimating someone’s body fat percentage from a picture or video is not always possible. We can still see the Liver King’s body over some time, even though he rarely wears a shirt.

His content shows that Liver King is a very “dry” person with a great definition of the abs. There are pockets of fat on his lower back, love handles, and thighs. This is why Liver King has approximately 6-8% body fat.

Liver King’s FFMI:

We can also calculate FFMI using height, weight, and body fat percentages. Liverking’s FFMI is 28-29. This is a very muscular score. The higher your FFMI is, the leaner you are.

For men, FFMI ranges between 18-23, averaging around 20. It’s also been proven that an FFMI of 25 represents the upper limit of a male natural physique. The Liver King’s FFMI is a big red flag that he lied about being a natural.

How tall is the Liver King?

Liver King Steroid Scandal:

In November 2022, a leaked email in which Liver King explained his steroid cycling with a coach for bodybuilding. Liver King released an apology video a few days later. He has also allegedly stopped using steroids.

There has been much outrage on social networks. Why is there such a backlash against the Liver King for his steroid usage? Almost all bodybuilders compete in competitions. The Liver King has repeatedly and aggressively denied using PEDs. 

In the emails, he also made several false statements. Liver King also intentionally misled millions of followers into thinking they could purchase his supplements to achieve a body like his.

It turned out that he spent $11,000 a month on drugs to achieve his physique. What someone puts into their body is ultimately up to them. The problem arises, however, when someone crosses ethical and legal boundaries to make money off of others. 

Liver King Eats Liver, Protein Drinks, and Egg Yolks:

The liver king is 5’7″ (180 cm) and weighs 190 lbs. He maintains his physique by eating bone marrow, raw beef liver, and protein drinks. He said that he consumes about one pound of liver raw every day.

King recommends that others start with three ounces of fish twice weekly. In viral videos on TikTok, King can be seen catching fish with his teeth and jumping into ice baths.

Liver King says he doesn’t allow mobile phones to be used in his bedroom. He also has Faraday drapes installed on the windows, preventing radio waves from passing.

Has the Height of the Liver King Led to Him Being Bullied?

The height of Liver King was the original reason for his bullying. Brian said in an interview that his classmates bullied him greatly because of his small stature. His classmates would beat him up and steal his shoes.

The bullying stopped after Mark, his mother’s partner, gave him a bench press as a present. “I was tiny, and I knew I looked different, and every day I was abused. I was terrified. “After bodybuilding, people started to accept me and looked up to me,” he said.

How tall is the Liver King?

Does Liver Queen Have The Same Height as Liver King?

Bozena Johnson, aka The Liver Queen, is a Polish influencer well-known for her ardent support of Liver King. She is slightly shorter than the King at 5’5″ (165 cm).

The US-based Ancestral Supplements company and The Fittest, which produces supplements such as beef and chocolate bars, are owned by the duo.

The Liver Queen is often seen in King’s Instagram or TikTok videos. Like her husband, she eats raw beef liver, bone marrow, egg yolks, and protein shakes.

Liver King Social Media Accounts:

Liver King Instagram

Liver King Wikipedia

Liver King YouTube


The height of Liver King may be a source of curiosity for some, but the man is much more than his physical stature. His unique approach has captured a large audience, evoking fascination and skepticism.

It’s important to be critical when evaluating Liver King’s fitness and health advice. Consult with medical professionals and think about your individual needs and preferences.

It’s worth exploring the questions surrounding his lifestyle because they shed light on a broader discussion about health and well-being in our modern society.

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